Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My Friends.....Thanks for your thoughts and prayers

Thanks to all of my fabulous friends who have sent their good thoughts and prayers my way. My Dad went into the Heart Hospital last Wednesday and had Open Heart Surgery. So many of you sent your good wishes and they were all heard, loud and clear!! Dad did great through the surgery and doesn't remember much of it, but was well enough to go home today! Wow!! What a miracle that he has recovered and is healing so quickly! Thanks for thinking of us...Your prayers are much appreciated!!

Anyway, I've neglected to keep up with the 12 days of Christmas Ornament swap. But first, check out the super cool ornaments that two of my artsy friends send to me during this swap. The first is from my friend Cece Grimes. This ornament was a replica of the one that Cece submitted to Somerset Studios along for the 12 days ornament swap that was published in the recent issue. It's been cut from a holiday tin and embellished with lots of cool beads and chains and really cool embellishments. Cece is the Queen of Art!!! I just love her ornament!

The second picture is of an ornament from another artsy friend, Lorraine George. Lorraine's 'word' to live by this year is "HOPE" and she incorporated the word along with one of her fabulous collage paintings and sewed in a vinyl star pocket. Embellished with little fibers and a mini light bulb, it's the perfect addition to my little tree, not to mention the timing of me receiving the ornament. It arrived the day of my Dad's surgery....Hope...what a wonderful word of encouragement.

Thank you Cece and Lorraine for the fabulous ornaments!

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